Continuous improvement at Alltruck Bodies

October 1, 2014by cog_admin

When you’ve been in the commercial transport market as long as Alltruck Bodies has, the only constant is change. But to adapt to those changes requires continuous improvements at all levels, which is why its current strategy has it focusing on boosting four critical areas of its operation – including Alltruck’s rigid body portfolio, the equipment used inside the factory, manufacturing processes and its staff.

According to Managing Director, Tony Romano, continuing to market the Alltruck name around Australia and collaborating with more businesses will be the main priorities going forward.

“Like all businesses, we have to constantly meet new targets as client demands are always changing in different markets. That’s why we are in the process of expanding our presence around the country by working directly with truck dealerships, who will play a critical part in the Alltruck Bodies brand in the years ahead,” he says. “Business success and recognition doesn’t mean that you stop. Yes you can take a moment to reflect, be proud and celebrate it, but you need to keep pressing on.”

As featured in Trailer Magazine