A Tray is a type of truck body which is entirely flat and has no sides or roof. They can be used to transport freight that is not susceptible to rain or is of a size and shape that does not easily fit in truck bodies that are enclosed. Tray bodies can be built with a variety of gates or drop sides depending on your application.


  • Cost effective transport solution
  • Can carry a variety of load shapes and sizes
  • Can be easily and quickly loaded and unloaded as there are no walls or roof
  • Can be built to accommodate various types of material handling equipment


  • Can be used to transport all different types of palletised and unpalletised freight, containers, building materials and livestock
  • Pipe or RHS style headboard, which meets Load Restraint Guide requirements, with chequerplate protection panel on front, & integrated handrails if space available
  • 3mm steel chequerplate floor over crossmembers at approx 450mm centres
  • Steel RHS or RSJ coaming with 18mm lip all around
  • Heavy-duty rope rails along both sides, with front and rear corner non-slip pipe steps, or double-rung steps if more suitable
  • Flush rear under-run bar
  • Primed, and painted 2-pack white polyurethane topcoat and grey deck area
  • LED lights for all statutory side, front, rear outline marker lights, and licence plate lights
  • All compulsory mudguards, mudflaps, reflectors and marker plates to suit registration requirements in State of intended operation
  • Side under-run protection system
  • Heavy duty 5mm steel chequerplate floor
  • Tongue & groove hardwood flooring
  • 28mm Containerwood flooring
  • Ratcheting load binders in track under LHS
  • 300mm high single panel drop sides, or multi-piece drop sides with removable centre posts, and tailboard
  • Full set lightweight steel or aluminium gates all around (with safety chains and tarp bows)
  • Extra LED side marker lights, or LED mid-body indicator lights
  • Aluminium chequerplate mudguards, or polished stainless steel flat style mudguards
  • Steel toolbox 900 x 450 x 450mm with inset lock
  • Toolbox with aluminium chequerplate lid, or with polished stainless steel lid.
  • Removable rear steel RHS load rack with 150mm horns, and safety retaining pins
  • Removable trailer style heavy-duty rear pipe rack, with safety retaining pins
  • Range of tilting, retractable, and Tuckaway tailgates
  • Appropriate certification for all state registration requirements


Twenty four (24) months structural warranty. Twelve (12) months on all componentry, faulty materials and poor workmanship. Normal wear and tear excluded. Support available in all States.